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Capture audiences where they are

We engage with your customers through email in a dynamic way


Get to your Customers Where they are

There are almost two email accounts for every person in the US. 50% of people check their emails more then 10 times a day, while 99% of consumers check their email everyday. What does that mean? It means you should use email to connect with your customers. We can help you develop a successful plan for attracting customers. Hopefully you already collect emails from your customers, but if not we can help you put a plan together. Once you have a collection of emails, it is time to reach your customers in a meaningful way. We develop e-blasts, drip campaigns, and nurture campaigns. Don’t know the difference? We can help.

Does Email Work these days?

conversion rate matters

It’s important to to have a strategy that diversifies the way you talk to customers. Utilize the different techniques to maximize conversion. The key here is quantity. The more emails you have, the more people you can convert and the more data you get to make the necessary adjustments to maximize your conversion rate. 


A single email that goes out in mass and drives traffic to one specific goal or conversion point.

Drip Campaign

Series of emails that has several paths a viewer could take depending on different trigger points. For instance, you can trigger a second email to go out to all the people who did not open the first email. Or a second email could go to people who clicked on a certain link. 

Nurture Campaign

Email to an existing lead that you already have data on. An example could be someone who has already browsed your website and clicked on certain pages. 

Drip Campaign
Nurture Campaign
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Tailor-Made Campaign Strategy

Automated Emails that do not seem automated

Efficiency is important because emails are vast. The typical strategy is to go net fishing. This means throw out a wide net and hopefully catch what you want, but you will also catch a bunch of viewers that will not result in a true lead. An important part of the strategy is to have specific content to reel in a true lead that hopefully results in a customer. 

This is where Drip Campaigns and Nurture Campaigns come in and let you target a specific  audience with particular interests. 

Once we have the viewer interested, we lead them to a landing page with more information and a conversion action. This could be purchasing a product, joining a mailing list, downloading a white paper, or even prompting them to make a phone call. 

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