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Build a Community around your business

Social Media Platforms Full of info and content


How many platforms should you do?

Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok there are plenty of social networks to manage, but what about the rest? There are so many platforms out there and figuring out what applies to your business is the first step. The second step is figuring out how to contribute to that community in a meaningful way. The third step is to build a sub-community within the community around your business. 

How do you keep up with creating all that content, finding images, and making sure you respond to comments and direct messages? Also, which platforms are right for your business? Maybe Pinterest doesn’t makes sense but maybe there is a forum or blog you should contribute to that is specific to your industry. 

That is where we can step in and help create efficiencies or even do the work for you. We start by figuring out which platforms your customers use and which are best for your business. Then, we put a content plan together to optimize the space. We specialize in creating great content and source engaging images to pull in customers. We can also help create engaging, short videos to be used throughout the year to bring in customers. 

How many people are still using social media?

Short answer... LOTS

Over the last year or so social media has taken a hit with controversial topics like Cambridge Analytica, election meddling and overall privacy concerns. People began to really pay attention to privacy concerns and felt that this would then lead to a decline in social media usage. While in theory this makes sense, here are the actual numbers:

Facebook Monthly Users
0 billion
YouTube Monthly Users
0 billion
Twitter Monthly Users
0 billion
Linkedin Monthly Users
150000 million

Not Convinced yet?

Let's just set up a chat to see what kind of Return you could see

There are so many benefits to having a social media presence that go beyond the direct ROI. We like that old example of landscape in front of your business. You don’t know exactly how many customers that brings in and the return on those plants, but you know that a visually presentable business front is going to give your potential customers more confidence in your ability to serve them. Social media has become the same. 

There are times that you can track and see direct ROI but there is so much more going on than just that. There are so many people that use social media during the early parts of the buyer’s journey that there is a good chance that your social media effects more than you know. 

Great Examples of Trackable ROI

There are lots of ways to see that social media is working with objective data: 

Benefits without Direct ROI

There are other benefits that are equally important to the success of your business that do not always have trackable ROI like these:

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