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engage New Customers with Past Customers

The best marketing is when it's not you doing it


Reputation Management

It is important to pay attention to a business’s community and what customers say about the business. This means paying attention to reviews on pages like Google and Facebook. We have a solution to help you receive positive reviews from customers and make sure every review is responded to in your company’s voice. Our solution also responds to comments on social media pages like Instagram and Twitter with informative and correct information about your business. 

ROI of Reputation Management

Customers pay attention and so should you

There is a strong correlation between reviews and profitability. Most consumers in surveys have indicated they would not engage with a business that has lower then 3.3 stars out of 5. This is just a start. Who are your competitors? What are their reviews? How often do they receive reviews? Do they respond to them? Consumers are comparing businesses this way so if you are not paying attention, you might lose business as a result. Stop losing business and start managing those reviews. 

Current customers love the interactions and future customers see an engaged business who is not done with them once they close the sale. 

Important Benefits to strong Reputation

Would you ignore a phone call from a customer? Or ignore a customer who is knocking on your door? Of course not! That is exactly what happens when they leave you a review or even read a review. Here are the top reasons why you should manage your reputation:

Check the stats

Don’t believe us? No worries. We have done the research and here are the stats: 

% of people who read reviews for local business
% of people who felt positive reviews influenced buying decisions
% of people who felt negative reviews influenced buying decisions
% of people who read management responses
% of people who say they would leave review if asked

Let's Put a plan together

We would love to learn about how you currently manage your reputation and how we can help you take it to the next level. Let's set up some time to talk!

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