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Diesel Physique


Diesel Physique is a personal training brand specializing in  6-week challenges that utilize meal and workout plans mixed with grouping people for accountability. Their original site was more MMA and body building focused. Their main customer base wants to loose weight and get healthier in their everyday lives so it made sense to redo the website to fit this customer’s needs. 



The plan was to soften the design and layout to be more approachable by non-body builder focused. Through our partnership with Rocket Chimp, who did their new logo and branding, we wanted to match that fresh style. We also wanted a simple user flow and easy checkout process. 



We built the site in WordPress and used Elementor to make it user friendly for easy updating. We also utilized WooCommerce to clean up the check out process. Last we customized WooCommerce to skip the “add to cart” phase and sent them directly to check out, since the most customers want to only join the 6-week challenge. 



Diesel Physique was in love with the new design and layout and felt it represented their company better. They had a large influx of traffic as soon as they launched along with many customers excited who also liked the new layout. Orders started flowing in for their next challenge. 

diesel Physique site
dieselPhysique what to expect

Clean Design That Delivers The Content Customers Want to See

Besides giving the entire site a clean look and feel, the content is laid out in a way that drives the customers to make a purchase. There are call to actions on every page, driving traffic to purchase or learn more. If they get to the learn more area (the page to the left), then they see important information, PDF examples of meal plans and workouts, and then are asked to join the challenge. 

Strong SEO Through Great Content

Professional copywriter Kelsie Hall wrote the content and fleshed out the site with strong keywords and phrases. She also made sure nothing was overly wordy and that the customers easily found the information they needed. 

Simple Checkout Process

The main point of the site, and all sites for that matter, is to convert. Once someone is ready to purchase, that process needs to be as simple as possible. For this scenario we skipped the shopping cart and when someone clicks to join a challenge, we bring them right to the cart to check out. 

diesel physique check out

Looks good every device

It is important to look good on every device to give your customers a good experience and also for the SEO implications.

optimized hosting

Diesel Physique is using Lusca Digital for their hosting and this means if there is ever any issue we take care of it. We offer so much with our great hosting service and you can learn more about it by clicking here.

Easy to use

We talked about how easy this is to use for the customer and we drive that traffic to a simple payment system. We also built the site so that it is easy for Diesel to keep adding great content and easily make adjustments.

deisel responsive

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