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Stratus Roofing


Stratus Roofing is a premier roofing company that is based out of Winter Garden, Florida. They opened a new location and needed a new site for the Dallas office, but the previous web developer was not available. The goal was to build something that followed the style and branding used for the Orlando office.



Started by planning a design that held the same look and upgraded whenever possible. The Orlando website previously used WordPress, however, we wanted a more user-friendly interface so that they could make updates themselves. They also wanted to create more conversion points throughout the website to gain leads. 



We rebuilt the website with the Elementor WordPress builder. This was a completely custom theme with custom fonts and colors to match the branding of the Orlando website. We also changed the menu to be ADA compliant and more mobile-friendly. We included a call to action on every page to help drive traffic and also built a custom landing page that could be easily cloned for future ad campaigns. 



The customer loved the new design and upgrades so much on the new website, that we also rebuilt the Orlando website immediately to match the Dallas location. We created some added functionality to streamline their blog and portfolio pages while sticking to their style guidelines. These add-ons made it easy for them to easily update on their own as well as added strong CTAs on every page.

Screen Shot 2020 05 11 at 4.57.03 PM

Design That Fits The Brand

 Stratus Roofing branding has a pretty iconic color scheme with rich reds, blacks and grays. We used their color scheme as the anchor and modernized the look and fonts throughout the website while adding additional functionality for easier navigation. We also made the other offices more prominent in the main banner so that potential clients can easily see the cities that Status Roofing services. This also helps Status Roofing show up in new searches for roofing companies that include Dallas and Kansas. 

Full of Info = Great SEO

Stratus Roofing had loads of great content and we used it all! This is important for potential customers to see how knowledgeable they are and it is also perfect for SEO. The more natural language we can include on the website will help bring the page up on searches. 

Screen Shot 2020 05 11 at 4.58.36 PM

Gallery of pages

Call to Actions EVERYWHERE!

stratus roofing cta 1
stratus roofing cta 2

Conversion is usually the main goal on a website. In this case, the goal was for the potential client to give their contact information. We made sure we put that call to action in as many places that made sense.

You want potential customers to easily be able to start the conversation at any point. 

stratus roofing cta 3

Mobile Friendly

Stratus Roofing has more traffic through their desktop site, which is not the normal case, but there is still substantial traffic through mobile. It is important to make sure your site works is just as functional on any device a potential customer is using.

SEO thought through

We made sure to look at Stratus content and grab the best keywords and phrases from it. We then use that in the meta data, alt tags, and H1 tags throughout the site. Our goal here is to make Google's job as easy as possible. We also implement Google Analytics to make sure you know how the site is performing.

Easy to use

This is two fold. First we want it easy to use for the potential customers. They should be able to move through the site easily and find the information they are looking for. Then when they make that buying decision, quickly and easily be able to convert, or in this case case fill out a lead form. We also want the owners of this site to be able to easily go in and make updates. This is great for SEO but also great for their pockets. They don't have to get a developer involved for every little update. They have complete control of their site.

optimized hosting

Stratus decided to use us for their hosting and this means if there is ever any issue we take care of it. We have servers that are optimized for WordPress sites and make sure they load fast everywhere in the world. We use CDN to help with this. We also include the SSL certificate, guranteed uptime, daily backups, staging site for big changes and more.


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