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Business Cards by Moo

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F85E6CA8 492E 4111 933D E64B8B72AD2B Fresh cards by Moo and we are excited. First off they are great to work with and you can see all their print options here: moo.com. When you are starting a new business or revamping a business in progress there are some milestones you hit that are fun and exciting… business cards is always one of my favorites and also one that we probably spend too much time on. It is so easy to nitpick the design and while it is a very important part of the process like everything else you have to move on.

My advice is to make sure you are getting the message across quickly. Hopefully, you are not just sticking business cards in fish bowls for free lunches and you are actually out there meeting people, talking to them, and then handing them a business card. However, you want them to remember you when they run across that card again later and remember what your business is. With that in mind, that is why I have made sure I made this design really clear with not just the name of the company but then a quick explanation as to what Lusca Digital is. I also have links to our other websites in hopes that this will help when I am talking to an industry-specific business that we are focusing on. I did struggle with this part a little bit and it is a unique situation but I think it worked out well. I also included social media links and while I don’t think this is necessary on all business cards (although if you have room and nice short clean URL’s then DO IT!) I think that we are a social media company it is a must. I also think if your business is very community-based (surf, skate, pet industry… I’m looking at you) then you should definitely try and drive people to your social media profiles.

I ordered Moo’s Sample Pack and it arrived a few days later. This is a must-do step because it allows you to feel the different sizes and paper and even see the different prints and accents they can do. I went with the thicker and rougher card stock (Luxe Cards) because I liked the uniqueness of it.

I also recommend sending your design to friends and family and ask them general questions. Don’t lead them by asking anything specific. See what they say and be open to criticism. Also, pay attention to what they are saying and think about what your goals are. Just because they are saying something positive doesn’t mean that fits what you are trying to accomplish.

I also highly recommend doing a double-sided. It does cost a little more but it shows you take your business seriously. One-sided can feel like you printed it yourself or at a FedEx Print Shop and while if you are in a pinch it will work the professionalism of a company that does these specialty prints does show.

Lastly, make sure you are designing in vector images for the crispest of prints. If you are working with a designer they will have no issue with this request. If you are designing yourself, it may be worth getting a designer to turn your design into a vector image (check out fiver.com) because you do not want a pixelated image or fuzziness to your brand new business cards.

Well, I hope this helps you with your business card development. Let me know what you think of our design and as always if you would like some help with your business needs, reach out. We would love to chat.

We are not an affiliate of Moo and get no commission on any links within this article. If Moo would like to pay us, send us an email. We will take your money or free business cards or whatever : ) We have no shame