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Email is Simple Right?

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We work with an array of different customers and types of businesses, but one thing we have noticed on more than one occasion is that we receive proposal requests from people who have an email that is @gmail.com! This is not acceptable and unprofessional. You might lose customers over this as it could come across as scammy. It says, “I’m not serious enough about my business to invest a very small amount of money.” So, how much money are we talking about? Well, Google My Business has a great platform that has an entry cost of $6 per email per month. Are you more of an Outlook person? Their entry level is also only $6 per month per user. If you use Gmail, it also gets you access to other great tools like Google Drive, Spreadsheet, and Google Docs. If you like Outlook, you will receive web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. If you upgrade to the $15 a month per user plan, you receive desktop apps for PC or Mac too. 

The setup is not too bad either. To start, you need to work on the initial set up for the account type that you want (either Gmail or Outlook). For Google go to Gsuite for Business at gsuite.google.com/gmail. For Microsoft, go get Microsoft 365 at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/business

Next, you will need to have DNS access to your domain. This means login into where you purchased your domain and click on Manage DNS. From there, you simply add the correct TXT file according to directions provided by either Google or Microsoft. You may need to give it a day or so to fully propagate and then you will want to do some testing. Send emails and have someone send you emails to make sure it is properly functioning. Usually, we will tell someone to email us and text us at the same time. Once you see the emails coming through, no one is getting any rejections and you can successfully send emails as well. You are now all set and fully functional!
Ok, this may sound like a lot, but email is not something you want to fail. What if a client emails you, you never get it, and they think you are not responsive so why would they consider doing business with you? Make sure this is done right. You know what? We know the perfect cephalopod to help you out! Lusca Digital is always making sure you can reach your clients and we would love to help you set up a professionally branded email with your domain. Shoot us your contact info and we will get right back to you!